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In January 2000, Iowa Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON) legal clinics were begun by churches in Sioux City, Des Moines and Omaha. Attorneys from JFON in Washington DC flew in once a month to supervise the clinics and advise the clients. Volunteers coordinated the clinics and conducted the interviews.  In 2001 the three sites worked together to hire an attorney who was located in Omaha and drove to Sioux City and Des Moines twice a month for clinics and follow-up appointments with the clients. The program continued to expand - Iowa and Nebraska each became separate JFON regions with their own attorneys.  In 2008, Iowa hired a second full-time attorney.  In January 2012, we added a fifth clinic site in Ottumwa, Iowa.  The sixth clinic site was added in Decorah during the summer of 2014 due to strong partnerships and community collaboration in that area. Currently one attorney serves  JFON sites in Storm Lake and Des Moines, and the other serves the JFON sites in Cedar Rapids, Columbus Junction and Ottumwa.  In October 2013, we hired a third attorney, Joy Moore, under a Federal Grant to serve immigrant victims of domestic violence and sexual assault throughout the state of Iowa.   

Although we are historically a project of the United Methodist Church, Iowa Justice For Our Neighbors is looking to the future.  We know that congregations and individuals in many denominations, and those without faith commitments, are looking for opportunities to welcome the newcomers in their communities.   We believe that our program offers such an opportunity. We want to expand by inviting representatives from other denominations and beliefs to serve on our board and volunteers to serve at the legal clinics.  Financial support is needed and is an important way for individuals and congregations to be involved.  In return, Iowa JFON speakers welcome the chance to provide a space for faith-based dialogue on immigration issues and to present information about immigrants, their experience, and the gifts that they bring to our communities.

Our Staff:

Brynne Howard, Esq.
Regional Attorney and Church and Community Worker
Special Advance # 3021279


Ann Naffier
Regional Attorney

April Palma
UAC Attorney

Laura Mendoza
DV Project/Paralegal

Grisell Herrera
Legal Assistant

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